SUNIYE TAU सुनिये तो سنئے تو

Radio for ALL by All who contribute in languages of Indian Subcontinent. Especially in Hindi & Urdu and English, we present information and entertainment ("INFOTAINMENT"). SUNIYE TAU...


Mahesh Enjeti, Sydney

Suniye Tau’s ‘tracks’ intersected with me a while ago when I was invited to talk about “Management” on the ST English channel by my dear friend, and its very accomplished founder, producer, writer, editor, and anchor, Iqtedar “Kim” Bhai. Kim is a passionately creative soul, well known for his on-stage acts and off-stage antics.

David Millott

Firstly thank you for the opportunity to talk about Suniyetau, I was introduced to the app, via our cricket clubs association through one our sponsors Xpansion Technologies in 2016, and through both these companies we have been able to advertise our great family orientated cricket club to as many people as possible, to let them know what we do, how we operate and the progress of not only our teams, but also our great individual performances from our players.

Arif Sadiq, Sydney

I had the opportunity to work with Mr Iqtedar Abdi, founder of ST on its literary (Adabi) segment in the past few years. We were able to introduce prominent Urdu and Hindi poets, writers and intellectuals from Australia to the wider world as well as overseas poets and writers to Urdu and Hindi speaking communities in Australia. I also had the opportunity to discuss ways to improve various segments presented on ST in terms of its content and usefulness for a wide range of audience particularly for people who have cultural and linguistic connections with Indo-Pak subcontinent.