Sydney Azadari Isteqbaal Part 2of2

Sydney Azadari Isteqbaal Part 2of2(Final) سڈنی عزاداری सिड्नी अज़ादारी SYDNEY AZADARI Suniye Tau presents the initial welcome “Isteqbaal” of the forthcoming month of Muharram 2021 in August’2021. In this series, Suniye Tau is fortunate enough to have a prominent member, Mr. Syed Saif Abbas Wasti of ‘Sydney Azadari’ group that organizes Majaalis (gatherings) to remember the tragedy of Karbala, in particular the martyrdom of Imam Husain (AS) and his companions. Also, remembering the suffering endured by the family members of the martyrs. In this two-part short series, Saif explains the organization of forthcoming events, encouraging all to participate via on-line conferencing. This is Part 2of2(Final). Participants: Syed Saif Abbas Wasti & Iqtedar 'Kim' Abdi. Director, Producer: Iqtedar 'Kim' Abdi. YouTube Channels: “Suniyetau” and “Sydney Azadari”.